Is Keto Safe For Diabetics?

Keto Diet and Diabetes

Since the diet strictly restricts any intake of carbohydrates, it allows your body to burn fat to produce energy. This process:

  • Help people with type-2 diabetes to maintain their glucose levels at a relatively low but healthy rate.
  • The lower intake of carbs in food also helps eliminate large spikes in blood sugar levels, thus reducing the body’s need for insulin injections/medicines.
  • Many studies suggest that keto in patients with diabetes also controls levels of HBA1c, which is the amount of glucose running through blood for more than three months.
  • People with diabetes can also use the keto diet to lessen their need for medication. However, it is best to discuss diet changes with your doctor while using certain types of drugs.
  • Those with pre-diabetes and type1/2 diabetes can also use this diet to reduce weight. Even light to moderate weight loss attempts with keto and regular workouts facilitate glycemic support, better energy distribution throughout the day, and over the wellbeing of the patient.

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